Membership Reward Point System (RPS)

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To STMC Members,


This reward program will take effect on June 01, 2019. All loans or cash purchases before the effectivity date are not included on this program.

 – To encourage members to patronize STMC products and services. In return, the program aims to inspire members to have an active participation on its affiliated programs, products and services
 – To reward members’ loyalty by allowing them to earn equivalent reward points for their patronage of STMC products and services

 RPS – Reward Points System is a membership loyalty rewards system of STMC. This program allows membership to earn equivalent points for their patronage in COOP products and services
 Reward Point – refers to the earned compensation point of a member from a remunerated patronage of COOP products and services.
 Redemption Value – refers to the equivalent conversion of a members Reward Point to a financial value in peso denomination.
 Validity Period – refers to the allowed timeframe to which the legitimacy of the Reward Points can be earned and redeemed by the member.


1. Entitlement to the RPS – All patronizing STMC members are entitled to the RPS program

2. Process of Earning Reward Points
a. For every Php2,000 worth of approved loan at STMC, the member will earn (1) one Reward Point.
Note: The RPS program excludes ST company loans that are financed by the COOP
b. For every Php2,000 cash purchase or van rental at STMC, the member will earn (1) one Reward Point.
c. Loans and Purchases below Php2,000 will still earn points on a pro-rated value.
d. List of COOP products and services that are NOT INCLUDED in the Reward Points System:
  – Membership Fee
 – Share Capital
 – Savings Deposit
 – Kapwa Tulong Program
 – Fund Raising
 – Payments on loans in cash or salary deductions either in Full or Partial loan payment

3. Tracking of Reward Points
 Reward Points will be updated by COOP staff every 10th of the month. Members may inquire their accumulated points anytime during office hours. The bigger the amount of loan you avail or product purchases at the COOP, the more points you will earn.
 It is the responsibility of the member to keep all transaction receipts should there be a request for points verification.

4. Redemption of Reward Points
 – Each point has a redemption value of Php1.00
 – Earned points may be redeemed at STMC during office hours by choosing any products available at the COOP or during Tiangge activity.
 – Members may opt to maximize the amount of redemption. In case the product value is greater than the reward points available, the member will shoulder  the excess amount via cash.
 – Authorization to claim or redeem Reward Points will be allowed provided with authorization letter from the member accompanied with a copy of 2 valid ID’s.

5. Exclusion in the Redemption of Reward Points – The Reward Points is strictly:
 Non-convertible to cash or Gift Certificate
 Non-convertible to share capital
 Non-convertible to savings deposit
 Non-convertible to SM shopping card
 Non-convertible for payments on loans
 Non-transferable to another member
 No exchange policy. Once reward points were already claimed, the no-return no-exchange policy applies except for factory defective items.
Note: Exchange or return of goods is not eligible to earn points. STMC reserves the right to make adjustments on earned Points as it sees fit including, but not limited to, deduction of Points arising from returned goods or services or from disputes. Point computations on STMC’s records shall be deemed correct and any dispute as to the number of Points that the member can redeem shall be determined exclusively by STMC. Should any conflict arise, member agrees that the records of STMC shall take precedence over other records, and that the decision of STMC, or its assigned representative officers, shall be deemed correct and final.

6. Expiry of Reward Points.
 For Active members, accumulated points will not expire as long as membership is active.
 For resigned member, He|She may claim their points within 30 days after COOP resignation. Automatically after the allowed validity period, earned points will be forfeited.

7. Effectivity of the Reward Points System (RPS)
This reward program will take effect on June 01, 2019. All loans or cash purchases before the effectivity date are not included on this program.

1. The provisions of these “Terms and Conditions” as well as all and any other manual, rules and procedures issued by STMC from time to time in connection herewith may be cancelled, changed or modified at any time and for whatever reason at the sole option of STMC with due approval of the Board of Directors.
2. STMC reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Point System at any time at its sole discretion. In the event of termination of the Program, all accrued Points earned by the members will be terminated unless used within 60 days after due notice to STMC membership and the Program’s official date of termination.


 If a member availed a loan worth Php4550, how many points member will get?
Answer: A member will get 2.275 points. Here is the computation Php4550 / Php2000 = 2.275 points

 If ever I will resign as COOP member, can I transfer my reward points to another member?
Answer: No, the reward points is non-transferable to another member

 Where can I inquire for my accumulated points?
Answer: Visit STMC office and ask our front desk staff regarding your accumulated total points

 How can I apply to be entitled to this reward point program?
Answer: All patronizing STMC members are automatically enrolled to this program. Just patronize our COOP products and services to be entitled on the reward points program.

 If I placed savings deposit to STMC, will I earn points from my deposit?
Answer: No. Savings deposit transaction is excluded from this reward points system.

 Will I earn points if ever I paid my loan in advance thru partial cash payment?
Answer: No. The reward points system is applicable only if you applied for a loan or purchase COOP products and services.

 Do the reward points expire?
Answer: For Active members, accumulated points will not expire as long as membership is active. For resigned COOP member, He/She may claim their points within 30 days after COOP resignation

For more information, please call STMC office at local 5707 or 5408.

Thank you very much.

The STMC Management