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July 28, 2016

To: All STMC Members

Please refer to the new policy on STMC PANTAWID SAHOD LOAN.

It is the policy of the Cooperative to provide timely, efficient and member-friendly COOP loans to all its contributing members.

The new PANTAWID SAHOD LOAN is a loan type that can be availed of by members to finance their immediate cash needs before paydays.  This type of loan can be availed only during the following dates:

Availment period

Every 2nd to 9th of the month

Every 17th to 24th of the month


  • Availee must be at least 6 months COOP member
  • Member must have a minimum share capital of Php2,500
  • Loanable amounts : Php 500 or Php 1,000 or Php 1,500
  • Applicable interest rate : 0.5% per month straight-line basis
  • Service Fee : 0%
  • Term of payment : 1 month
  • Not subject to 2x of share capital credit limit
  • No advance payment or offsetting/restructuring of loans
  • The maximum monthly amortization for all types of company and COOP loans shall be 35% of the employee’s monthly basic salary
  • Note:  Will reflect as Petty Cash Loan in payslip

EFFECTIVITY:  August 2, 2016

For further clarification, please contact the STMC office at locals 5707 & 5408 or email

Cooperatively Yours,

STMC Management