Kapwa Tulong Program


 I. Objective

To provide financial assistance to every contributing member, thus, alleviating grief in times of death of member or his/her dependent.

II. Coverage

Death of contributing member and his/her immediate family members;

Status Coverage
Married member Spouse
Single Status Member Parents


  1. Half-brothers and half-sisters and stepbrother/sisters are not qualified under this program.
  2. Stepmother/father is also excluded from the coverage.
  3. Miscarriage cases is not qualified under this program
  4. Adopted son/daughter is covered in this program, however, parent/member should produce proper adaptation papers.

III. Policy

  1. Each contributing member shall extend financial donations amounting to P20.00 for death of dependents and Php100.00 for death of contributing members, through salary deduction to cover for such assistance to affected contributing member:
  2. The STMC will provide P50,000 cash assistance for death of Coop member to be taken out from the community development fund.
  3. Deductions will be limited to a maximum of three (3) cases per pay period. Cases reported beyond the target set shall be processed for the next payday. However, the coop may advance the assistance to members who may fall under this case, depending on the availability of funds.

 IV. Procedure

  1. Bereave Coop member or his immediate family fill-up “Kapwa Tulong Assistance” claim form and submits it to coop admin office together with the necessary attachment/ documents.
    • Upon death of Coop member Applicant
    • If member is single:
      • 1st priority –Parents
      • 2nd priority- siblings
    • If member is married:
      • 1st priority – Spouse
      • 2nd priority- children if legal age
      • 3rd priority – parents
  2. Coop admin processes the application and secures approval from the Board of Directors (signed by at least 2 members of the BOD and the Chairperson).
  3. STMC will advance the release of 25k as initial Kapwa Tulong to co-members. Then after payroll deduction to members, the COOP will release to member recipient the adjusted amount to complete the Kapwa Tulong benefits.
  4. The STMC Admin submits to payroll officer the list of members with corresponding deduction for kapwa tulong.

V. List of Requirements

Condition Requirements:

Death of member:

  1. Certificate of Death
  2. Proof of relationship
    • Spouse – Certificate of Marriage
    • Parents – Certificate of live birth of member
    • Children – Certificate of live birth of child (issued by NSO)

Death of Dependents:

  • Parents
    • Certificate of live birth of member (issued by NSO)
    • Certificate of Death
  • Spouse
    • Certificate of Marriage
    • Certificate of Death
  • Children
    • Certificate of live birth of child (issued by NSO)
    • Certificate of Death
    • Adopted son/daughter
      • Legal adoption papers
      • Certificate of Death

 Note: If incomplete requirements cases, the member is required to submit a promissory note stating the required documents to be submitted in 2 weeks time.