1. Copy of webapps
  2. For Medical related (any of the following):
    • Billing statement
    • Copy of OR (date must be not more than 1 month old).
    • Quotation from hospital
      • For unplanned caesarean operation due to complications, the member can only loan the additional cost (the difference between the cost of normal delivery or scheduled CS and the unplanned caesarean operation)
      • For miscellaneous expenses due to hospitalization.  Amount of loan is maximum of 20K or P1000/day of hospitalization whichever is lower.
  3. For property related cases (all of the following requirements below)
    • Picture of the destroyed property
    • Estimated cost of expenses
    • Proof of ownership
    • Barangay/ police report


Processing time : 1-3 days processing
Minimum Share Capital : Php2,500
Loan Amount : 3 mos. member up to 10K
6 mos. member up to 50K
1 year member up to 100K
Co-Maker : Co-maker is required if loan is more than his/her paid up capital,
1 co-maker for every P1 to P25K loan exposure
Interest Rates : 1% per month straight-line basis
Service Fee : No service fee
Loan Term : Up to 3 years to pay


  1. In case of incomplete requirements, a promissory note should be attached together with the loan form signed by the member; or  in case member is not physically present at the time of loan, representative should be made co-maker (must be eligible to co-make) and must sign the promissory note.  If after two weeks, member still has not submitted the complete documents; full loan amount shall be deducted one time from the member’s salary.
  2. The credit limit per member is equivalent of 2X of paid-up capital except for Petty Cash Loan & Emergency loan which is allowed up to 3X of paid-up share capital.
  3. The maximum monthly amortization for all types of company and COOP loans shall be 35% of the employee’s monthly basic salary (MBS).
  4. Pre-termination fee is waived if loan for offset and the new loan application are the same type of loan.