• 6 months coop member

Processing time :

Applications with complete requirements received from Mondays to Wednesdays will be released on Saturdays.
Applications received from Thursdays to Fridays will be released on the following Wednesdays.

Minimum Share Capital : Php2,500
Loan Amount : 6 mos. member up to P50K

1 year member up to P200K

Interest Rates : 1.5% per month straight-line basis
Service Fee : 2% or P3,000 service fee whichever is lower
Loan Term : Up to 4 years to pay



  1. Credit limit per member is equivalent of 2X of paid-up capital except for Petty Cash Loan & Emergency loan which is allowed up to 3X of paid-up share capital.
  2. The maximum monthly amortization for all types of company and COOP loans shall be 35% of the employee’s monthly basic salary (MBS).
  3. Pre-termination fee is waived if loan for offset and the new loan application are the same type of loan.